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Q: What do I need before starting a website?

You will need a Domain name and a Webhosting space to start your website. A Domain name is the unique name that appear in your address bar as a URL . Eg: https://www.beeswebs.com.

You will also need a Web Hosting Space. A Web Hosting company provides the space where your web pages and files are located at (i.e., hosted). We highly recommend Vodien Webhosting to be your webhosting company as they provide with fast, reliable webhosting services.

  • They provide quick 24/7 live chat support service
  • Unlimited Domains can be hosted in one account
  • Unlimited company e-mails can be hosted in one account that you have with Vodien.

Click here to find out more benefits they have to offer.


Q: Why should I have a website?

Ans: [ For E-Commerce/ Shops]

A website still operates when you close your shop for the day. While sales might stop for the day at your  physical shop, however a website does not limit to that. It runs 24/7 and you have another source of revenue as your customers now can make their purchases online.


[For Businesses]

Having a website is essential for the growth of your businesses. You are helping your customers to find you. People often do a Search Engine Search of the company to find out about the company’s location, contact number and products before making their way to the shop/centre or making their purchases. By having a website of your own, you are helping your clients to find you as well as helping them make better and informed descisions.


[For Bloggers]

Having your own reliable Self-Hosted platform to host your blog as compared to blog platforms such as Blogger has endless benefits. It gives you more flexibility to customise the website according to your needs. You are also able to choose your theme preference as well as include widgets/items that would deemed impossible without a self hosted site.

Q: How long does it take to design me a website?

It varies between websites. We will provide an estimated timeline duration during the initial consultation we have with you. Once it is agreed between both parties, we will start work immediately. Some factors that determine the length of time are such as if you are providing your content to us, your services needs and requirements for the website.


Q: How much does it cost to create a website? I get different estimations each time.

A website’s cost depend on a variety of factors. A few factors would be the time frame it takes to complete the website- complexity,  your requirements and the package that you opt for according to your company needs.

It’s very difficult to give accurate quotes for web site design, but we encourage you to Contact Us for a free estimate.


Q: What is our payment policy like?

We receive 50% of the estimated cost as a deposit prior to beginning work.


Q: Once the website is completed, can I update the content myself?

Yes, you own the website and you can make changes or upload content in the website at any time if you wish. This is especially possible as part of the package, we provide a FREE 1hour Website Training session for you. In the training session, we will teach you how you can operate your website and its features. In this way, you have complete control on your website and could easily manage it on your own. Click here to read on 1hour Bees Webs FREE Training.

If you ever require more support after that, Bees Webs also provide Website Maintenance Services.

Contact Bees Webs for more information.